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Chinandega, Nicaragua
Sept 16, 20010
In our childhood, we learned that September is the month of Nicaragua independence, In this month we celebrate our independence from Spain. In every school around the country, we have to tell to the students that this month is very special, because finally Nicaragua became a Republic. The students have to know about the men and women that made this possible.

In this photo you are able to watch the students wearing nicaraguan traditinal dresses, it show one of our custum, women had to wear long dress, this tradition has aroud 300 years

The month is very important because on September 12 of 1502, Nicaragua was discovered by Christopholo Colombus in his forth trip to America. Also in September 15 of 1821, Nicaragua got its independence from Spain with the rest of Central America countries and Mexico.
In Septermber of 1856, it was a battle on San Jacinto Farm (close to Managua), this is a special day because the GRINGOS were kicked out of the country and for this reason, the National war was over.
When all these historical acts happened, there were a lot of good people that were killed. These persons offered their lives because they loved this country. Now we recognized them as a National Heros.

In this fhoto you can see the students marching with the Central America Flags, the students are selected because they have the best grades of each school: During the parade each school do the same, the student who carries the flag, need to be a good student

In 1995 under the government of Violeta Barrios de Chamorro was a commment that the first Monday of each September in each school of the country, the students have to study the National Politic Constitution (Natinal Comenments).
During the 14 and 15 of September, we have parades in every town of this country, the students of every school go out to march with colorful costumes or traditional dresses. The population goes out to the street to watch the parade. In every house we put a Nicaraguan flag in the door or window. No matter where, but the point is that every body can see the flag. That makes ourselves feel proud of our nationality.
We also have fireworks

In our flag you are able to see a shield. This shield is a triangle. This means that every Nicaraguan has the same rights. Also in the triangle you can find a rainbow. It means peace. There are also five volcanos that represent every country of Central America We have a National anthem which was written by Salomon Ibarra Mayorga. This was a famous national musician from Chinandega. It is one of the most beautiful Anthums in ar the world. It speaks about the liberty and the peace that we wanted to have some day.
It is very important that every Nicaraguan, man or woman, no matter who, needs to know about this historical fact, because that makes us to love this country more an more every day ,and also this makes us to understand that we have to work together, no matter if you are sandinista or liberal or you are a member of others political party. But our big challenge with this land that gave us our life is that we need to develop this country in order to have in the future a better life.


The English Song Festival

By Ernesto Somarriba
Chinandega , Nicaragua September 29, 2010
I’m an English teacher that teaches in a high school that has 680 students in its’ classrooms. Every year I organize with the students, an English singing festival in order to have fun, to improve their English, and of course mine also. It is a wonderfull experience that the kids will have for life. The students feel excited about this event.
But, what do they do?

They participate singing all kinds of songs in English.
They perform songs of Lady Gaga, Madonna, Michael Jackson, 50 Cent, Alicya Keys, and some other famous singers from all over the world.
The thrill for me is l can hear all the celebrities in voices of these students.
They work really hard every day with the correct pronunciation, dancing and memorizing the songs.
This kind of show helps the students to dreamthat they can be someone famous or important in the future for this country and in the world.
They keep their mind busy every afternoon after school without thinking about drugs,alcohol or other bad things.
Because of this event they look excited, happy, and you are able to feel that there are a lot of possitve energies around them, they keep their mind pure. They are worried about singing the best way they can. They are also worried about dancing the best way they can.
I feel happy for this, because you feel that you are helping the kids to be into the right way. You can find that these kids are able to do what ever they want in order to reach their goals.
I think that this experience will help them to be better person, because this event prepare them for the battle of their life.
I know that they will remenber this for the rest of their life, because it is a wonderful experience that help them to be encouraged.
During the festival I saw the students nervious, running from here to there and from there to here, getting ready for their turn.
There were their classmates supporting each one of the participants.
When I heard these students performing their songs. You have no doubt that these kids are amazing and the whole work they have done it,isn’t in vain.
In this festival we had 12 solo singers and 21 groups ( each group was formed by at least 3 students). The event took 3 hours until the last had sung. I was really tired at the end, but it was worth it, because they learned, they understood that they are able to reach their dreams. It is very important that this experiece helped the students to feel confidece with themselves. It let them know that they don’t have to feel insecure, it help them to belive in them selves.
When the show was ended I saw alot of smiles in their faces, telling you, Hey teacher I could make it, I’m someone that I can do what ever I want, with their eyes they told me if I keep studying hard I will be able to be a professional, they told me that they can be, lawyers, engeneers, doctors, they had shown me that they can be someone usful for this country, they yet only have to keep in the right way.
Right now I feel confortable and happy because I like to be part of the wonderful experience, because these kids already relized by theirselves that they are special person and they can be success in this world if they want to do it.

How Life Works

Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2010 21:33:10 +0000
Ernesto Somarriba
Chinandega, Nicaragua
27 Jul 2010
This moment for me is hard to write about anything,because I know that you are having a hard time after the fire. Hope everything is getting better, when thing like this as the fire happened,it is because you are getting blessed by God and that means that something better is coming, some time is hard to understand Why this kind of thing happen?, But now I´m going to tell you a story that happened to me.
When I was in high school, I always wanted to be an engeneer, but at that moment I didnt have the money to go to Managua, my dad told me, hey Ernesto, you won´t go to Managua, and I said why not? he said, because I don´t have the money to support your studies right there, but I didn´t take care about it and I left to Managua.

I was living in the house of one of my aunts, I had a hard time there, because if I wanted to stay there, I had to work for them very hard everyday after school(they have a restaurant). I used to go to bed very late every day, but there is something else, after that I went to room, I had to continue studying all night long,then sleep for a little bit.

After some months, living there in Managua, I saved a little of money and I decided to go back to Chinandega to visit my parents, then one day after school I got my bagpack with my clothe and hicth inside the bus that was going to Chinandega, I remenber that it was thursday 6:00 pm, then I took a seat, biside me, was a beatiful girl, when I saw her, I thoght, oh my God what a woman, at that moment I was figuring out how to talk to her, then I saw that she had a watch, I decided to ask her the time.
I remenber she said it is 6:40. then I asked her, where do you study? and she told me that she was studying at UCA(UNIVERSIDAD CENTRO AMERICANA) then I asked again, what are you studying? she said I´m studying business, then I asked her again, for how long she has been studying this? she answered me that she was in her third year, finally when I felt confidence I introduced my name and I asked her name, she told me that her name was Johana, then when I wanted to ask for her adress, because at that moment I wanted to visit her, we got to Chinandega, at that moment I had to get down from the bus and she had to continue in the ride. Then when I was down the bus, I looked for the window that she was sit, then I saw her smiling to me and waving her righthand.

I thought, oh my God maybe I won´t see that beatiful girl again. After that I returned to Managua to continue with my studies, but I was thinking about the girl.
I wanted to visit the University that she was studying, but I did´t.

One day I decided to go back to Chinandega, but this time I took the bus at 9:00 am,when I got into the bus I was looking for the girl, but of course she wasn´t there, then I started reading a book for the whole trip (it take 2:00 hour to get from Managua to Chinandega), but then I heard a beatiful voice asking me if there was enough space for one more, then I saw that it was the same girl that I was thinking about,I couldn´t belive that she was sitting beside me again, then we started a beatiful conversation and I told her, I was thinking of you all this day, wondering if I will see you again, and she said, me too, this time I asked her address and I told her that I wanted to go out with her and she said yes I wanted to go out with you and dance a little bit, she said that we have to continue keeping in touch , then it was time to get down from the bus again, but this time I felt very happy because I already knew that I will see her at night.

At the evening I went to her home, I was nervius, but at the same time I was excited,I walked to the door and askd for her, then she came out, she brought two chairs and we started speaking, then we started a good relationship.

one day after visiting her, I returned to my parents’ house, but I saw a friend of my riding a motorcicle, I asked him for a ride and he stopped, I got on the motorcicle and we continue with our trip, but sundely a truck came in front of us, it scrached and we have a huge accident, I broke my leg, I thought that I never will walk again. Because this accident I missed two years of school, I didn’t see the girl again, I was frustrated, she didn’t relize that I got that accident because I didn’t call her or so.

When I got well from the accident I went back to Managua, I continue studying, but I didn’t look for the girl, then I started working at the lodgging house where I learned english, then I met Paul Katzeff through UNAG, also I met my wife who is a wonderful person.
Now I think if I didn’t have that accident, maybe I wouldn’t learn english or met my wife or even Paul, and I don’t think that I wouldn’t be writting this blog either.
I believe if the fire happened, it is because something better is coming for you all guys as a me hapened, so keep in the challege and continue with the struggle because you will become stronger than you were before.

One Nicaraguan’s View of the Revolution

By Ernesto Somarriba
Chinandega, Nicaragua
July 28, 2010
In 1979 the FSLN [ Frente Sandinista de Liberacion Nacional) kicked out of power and the country Anastacio Somoza.
Somoza was a dictator that did a lot of damage to this country. The FSLN was a good choice at that moment. There were a lot of Nicaraguan’s that were recruited into the FSLN forces in order to fight against Somoza. El frente recruited more and more people until they had enough strength, and then they decided to go into the cities to fight against La Guardia Nacional. I was only 5 years at that moment, but I still have some tips in my memory about what happened, I remember that we stayed inside the house for many days.
My dad was risking his life every time he went out to look for food.
When the FSLN won the war, everybody was happy because the dictator ran away from the country. I remember that the people came out of their houses celebrating and waving the Sandistas and Nicaraguan flags. Everybody thought that it was the time to change for good. The people were thinking that Daniel Ortega, Humberto Ortega, Thomas Borges, etc, were the best choice to lead this country. Then the war started again, but this time was against LOS CONTRAS. This war lasted for ten years and the people during this decade started living a nightmare.
The CONTRAS were financed by the United States of America under the Ronald Reagan administration.
I remember that it was very hard for all of us, even for me, It didn’t matter if I was yet only a kid.
Because in this war , Sandinistas against CONTRAS, there wasn’t any choice for the young people. Some of the farmers were conscripted by the CONTRAS and others for the EJERCITO POPULAR SANDINISTA.
One of my uncles was killed in this war, I remember my grand mother suffering a lot, with tears in her eyes. there were a lot of young people leaving the country. Some of them left to other Central American countries and most of them left to the UNITED STATES.
During this war more that 10,000 people died but the worst part was that they were killing among Nicaraguans.
THe revolution was good at the moment, but then It turned into a blackout, there were a lot of people suffering.
Daniel and his government at the beginning was worried about the poor people, he was for free education, free health care, sport, etc. He was worried for nicaraguan population, but then he started getting sick for the power. Now a day, we have free education, but it doesnt work, because the children dont have books, shoes, clothes or , food in order to go to school. We have a free health care system, but it doent matter because in any hospitals, you are able to find a pill, you have to buy it at private drugstores.
Daniel speaks about Socialism, but how can he speak about it when he is capitalist. He speaks about poorness, when he is getting more rich everyday. Now he is the owner of the most important companies here in Nicaragua.
Yesterday we celebrated one more anaversary of the revolution, but for what?, Was it worth it?
it is to bad that a lot of heros gave their life in vain. The presidential election will come next year and Daniel will try to do everything he can, in order to stay in the power.
The only thing that we can do is to keep our hope and pray, well we¨ll see what happens.

Erensto Somarriba

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