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Editors note:

I asked Ernesto to do a report on hometown food.  Here is what it looks like to a Nicaraguan behind the camera. This is Part one in a four part series on the daily way food is bought , sold and consumed in this mountain city.

Slice of Life #1:

Meat is a very important complement for the nicaraguan diet. We say that if you don’t have a piece of meat in your lunch, it is like you don’t eat. In the Nicaraguan diet it is very important also, to have at the table, rice, beans and  tortillas. These are the principal foods on our table every day. You may say that it is boreing to eat the same thing every day, but we are accustom to it and also, the meat preparation is different for every day. One day you can have rice, beans meat with patotoes, another day the meat is combined with carrots, etc. but there is one problem that we have right now. There are  alot of people that  don’t have access to eat a piece of meat. Also in these days, the beans are very expensives, because the rainy season was very  strong and it damaged more thatn the 60% of the beans production., For thius reason to eat beans now a day it is becoming a luxury.


Slice of life #2

Here you can see some of the most important products  in the Nicaraguan diet as beans and rice.This is the way as the vendor shows their products to the buyer, if the buyers like, they buy it.

Slice of Life #3      STREET VENDORS

****************** End Part I*******************

Baseball in Nicaragua; Our National Pastime

By Ernesto Somarriba

Chinandega, Nicaragua

November 17, 2010

Editors Note: I asked Ernesto a few questions and the opening paragraph contains his answers;

The  baseball stadium in the following story is outside of Chinandega city, you have to take the road to the northwest going to El viejo.
Boer de Managua, Leones de Leon, Oriental de Granada and Tigres del Chinandega are the four Major League Teams in Nicaragua.
The best Nicaragua player was Dennis Martinez, He pitched   a perfect game against the  L.A. Dodgers in JULY 28 of 1991.
Now we have Vicente Padilla, (in this moment he is a free agent), Everth Cabrera(San Diego Padres), Wilton Lopez(Houston Astros) and some other that play in the minor league(32 players in different category) of different organization of the major league baseball.
A national player can earn at least $3000 dollars per month, a foreign player can earn $10,000 dollars, I don’t know why is this difeerence of salary?.
the cost of the ticket vary from C20 cordobas to C100 cordobas, it depent of the location of the seat.( $1-$5 dollars)


There is something beatiful that all Nicaraguans love, what is it?  Baseball!

Baseball here in Nicaragua is a religion, not a passion. We have been playing baseball for more that 100 years, How it comes?  Well  when the American’s first came here they used to play baseball and some time they din’t have enough players, so they showed to the Nicaraguan’s how to play it, and then we started playing against them. A  night game: The fans begin to arrive and the vendors hope for good sales

When the twentieth century was begining some members of the Army from the United States came here, they were helping to the Nicaraguan’s to build the  rail tracks for the trains, they used to teach  us the best tecniques to play, after that it was becoming a Nicaraguan favorite entertaiment, but now after more than 100 years it  has become a religión.

When the Baseball world series started we were very excited, we used to watch every game between the San Fransico Giants and the Texas Ranger, we thoght that it was to bad that the Giants beat Rangers in 5 games we wanted to watch more, but any way we joined.

One week ago our main event started, well it isn’t the major league, but it is our baseball, here in Nicaragua we have a profesional league, we have four teams, they are Leones de Leon, Oriental the Granada, Boer the Managua and tigres del Chinandegua, the season take 4 months including the final, and all the Nicaraguan like to go to the baseball game.

Eating is a part of the game...isn't it ?

In this league come some profesional players from the United States,Canada, Venezuela,Dominicana, Cuba, Panama and of course the best players  of Nicaragua including those who are signed from organizations of the Major league.

How can you watch at the pictures, we don’t have the Yankee statium or even the Dodgers stadium, but I think that we have the same passion or maybe more, also in these pictures you can see the stadium  totaly full, you may say , how it come? Well simple, we love baseball, also when you are in the stadium you forget all your problems and if you go alone, it doesn’t matter, because you can speak about baseball with the person who is sitting beside you, no matter who is that person and you may feel that you know that person from all the time

Also you can cosume some Nicaraguan food as quesillo, vigoron, chancho con yuca, tajadas, hot-dog, carne asada and some more.

What can I say, we always have fun.

Here in Central America the football is the most famous sport, but here in Nicaragua, baseball is not a passion,it is a religión.

If you come to Nicaragua don’t forget to visit the baseball stadium anywhere you go around the country, we don’t have the expensiviest and bigest stadium as in USA, but I asure you, that you will feel the same passion or maybe more.

Here in Nicaragua, remember that baseball is not a pasión, it is a religión.

The Nicaraguan food scene : our foods and how we eat.

Ernesto Somarriba,

November 7, 2010


This is the central market here in Chinandega every morning a lot of people come to sale their product and some other to buy, the salers  start arriving to the market very early morning in order to be prepared until the customs come, it is good idea if you want to buy something from the market, to wake up very early morning because you are able to select the better products for you family also if you do this you can get  the product in a cheaper prices. it is very interesting to see the saler arriving from their small farms with products as corn,vegetables,oranges, beans, rice, etc, they are always hope to have a very good days, they expect to sale the whole products that they offer and after that to go back home with some money and continuing supprting their famlily, most of them come from a very large famlily, well of couse, this is the tradition here in Nicaragua to have a huge family.

This market was built 58 years ago, at the beginnig it was yet only a large field. the people use to come to sale and buy, but it was really hard for the people, because the market didn’t give good conditions to the saler and buyer, because they did’t have roof, no water, and also every thing was in totally desorder, the meat section was beside the clothing section or the sea food section was mixed with the shoes section, etc. so that mean that it was an unhealthy place to buy, but in 1977 it changed, the municipal mayor decided to built the market with roof and walls and intruduced the water and the light services.
After the market was built they ordered every section and then market was becoming a good place to buy with health conditions. If you come her to buy, now is better because the qualities have impruved.

My Wonderful Mother

My Mother
Chinandega, Nicaragua
November 4, 2010
Ernesto Somarriba

Editors Note: I have been editing Ernesto’s English in his previous blogs to make it easier to read. Ernesto iis a self taught English speaker and writer. Much of his English is written using Spanish grammatical rules. I have decided to let his writing retain its flavor . He is improving with each entry. Let’s watch together as he improves. If you want to communicate with him directly, his e mail address is

My Mother
This is my beatiful mother, her name is Juana Antonia Ordonez, She is 52 years old, she gave me birth when she was 17, she was still a teenager when that happened.

Juana Antonia Ordonez,

My mother is a special person, she is a wonderful woman.
My mother is a person who really believe in God, she goes to church every Sunday and pray for the world and for her family every day, she has a lot of faith in God, some time I think that she is a fanatic, but she isn’t, she is yet like that, and that’s it, she was the one who had shown me that there is a God living in everywhere and she says that he is always watching my acts, for that reason she told me that I have to be a good man and to follow Gad’s commanments, because at the end of this life, there will be another life better waiting for me if I do the wright things.
I remenber that when I was a kid, my mother was the first who taught me to read, every afternoon, she put me in her legs and with a lot of patient she introduced me the alphabet, letter by letter, then little by little I was learning, my mother never hit me or even shouted me if I din’t read correctly. She always told me well done Ernesto, that’s the way it is, she did that in order to make me feel confidence and then she said next time you will do it better, you yet only have to keep practicing hard.
My mother always told me that I have to study, she told me that she never couldn’t go to school because she had to work, her mother my grand mother was a sigle mother with six kids, my mother is one of the oldest, for that reason she had to work, in order to support her mother and brothers, she started working when she was 8 years old, she went to the streets to sell clothes, she said that she didn’t do a lot of money, but a least they had bread on the table every day, so she never had time for study, she was alway very busy selling clothes, she said that she didn’t have a normal life as the others kids, instead to play she had to work.
My mother told us how much she suffered and she said that she never wanted the same life for us, she said that she learned to read by herself, for that reason she always was worried for our education, therfore she taught us to read.
My mother gave bith 4 kids accounting me, she always has shown us a lot of love to all of us without preference, well she still is doing that.
When I go to visit her, she always give me advice and a lot of food, some time she doesn’t have food, but she figure out what to give me, she said that she still look at me as a baby, I don’t like when she said that, but anyway I have to understand that she is my mother, but one thing that I like from her is that she cooks very delicious, my sister wants to emitate her, but she can’t, no body know her secret yet.
When I look to my mother, I see in her eyes about how much she loves my dad, they have been married for 36 years, but they are in love as the fisrt day.
My mother, when she wakes up every morning, the first thing that she does is to pray, then she show a big smle and she keeps that smile all day long, so when you look at her, she make you to feel confortable.
My mom helped to my dad to teach us good principles in order to become good persons.
I always thank to life bacause the mother that I have, she is very special. I feel lucky to have that woman as a mother. she is a very good person,she always is avalable to help others persons, if some one as a favor to her, she never says no, she likes to be helping others persons, I don’t know where she get that energy to do that?.
I yet only have to say that my mother is a wonderful person and I feel proud of her.

Ernesto Somarriba

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