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A Happy New Year

As 2010 comes to a close, it’s time to look back over the past 12 months and take stock of where we’ve been. Most years are eventful in the coffee business—the uncertainties of rain and sun at origin, the vagaries of the commodity and financial markets, and the dance to keep our many and wonderful customers happy makes for an interesting kind of choreography. This year, with a fire that nearly destroyed our company, we’ve been dancing a little bit faster and working harder than ever to stay on our toes. That said, in this time of global change and challenge, we’re ever more grateful to our customers for their support, and to the 12 cooperatives around the world who produce our coffee. Now more than ever, Thanksgiving Coffee is excited to be a bridge connecting family farmers and consumers in search of a delicious, personal, and sustainable experience with every cup of coffee.

If you were to draw out the Thanksgiving Coffee family tree it would be narrow in the middle, a small group of 30 people in Fort Bragg, California working day in and day out to roast, pack, and deliver delicious coffee to our customers. On one side of this narrow trunk, the branches would reach up, hundreds of cafes, grocery stores, and restaurants spreading out towards the leaves, thousands of cups of coffee, served in china in a fine restaurant, or maybe your favorite mug at your kitchen table. Going back down the trunk, the roots of the tree would stretch out deep into the ground, reaching throughout Central America, South America, East Africa, and Indonesia, connecting with 12 cooperatives in 9 countries, and those cooperatives, connecting with thousands of small-scale family farmers and their communities.

This is a time of great uncertainty, and perhaps the only constant is change. One thing you can count on is that Thanksgiving Coffee will be hard at work, diligently selecting the finest coffees and supporting the farmers who grow them, roasting them with care, and getting them to you so that you can count on starting your day with something that not only warms the body, but also the soul. We’ll be hard at work to nourish this growing tree of relationships. We’ll be thankful to you for your support and your business. We’ll look forward to sharing the craft of thousands of farmers and an artisan roaster, founded in 1972, and still going strong.

With best wishes for a healthy, happy, and peaceful New Year!

Thanksgiving Coffee Company

The Christmas Season in Nicaragua: Let’s Party!

By Ernesto Somarriba

Chinandega, Nicaragua

December 15, 2010

December 7th of each year, we have a big religious celebration  all around the country. You may say what is it about?, Well we have our national patrona, the imagine of La Inmaculada Concepcion de Maria (virgin Marry), it is like in Mexico, they have La Virgen De Guadalupe.

The imagine of Inmaculada Concepcion de Maria, the National Pratrona of Nicaragua

Pilgrims praying and adoring our national patrona in the church
Most Nicaraguan’s are Catholic and we decided to adopt Maria as our national patrona (Patron Saint). This tradition is more than two centuries old. At that time ( two centuries ago), El volcan Cerro Negro that is located in front of  Malpaisillo, (it is a municipio of el departamento de Leon, 90 kilometer from Managua going to th norht west side of Nicaragua) was having a big eruption and it was threating to destroy Malpaisillo and all Leon City.  There wasn’t anything  the people could do at that moment, except to run for  their life. But in the town of Malpalsillo there was a Catholic priest as there is in every single town or city in this country. This preast decided to climb the volcano with the imagine of Virgin Marry and others catholic pilgrims. They were climbing and singing songs about the Virgin Marry. Some time later, the eruption stopped, the land didn’t shake anymore ,and there wasn’t any smoke coming out  of the crater. The people of at that moment thought that it was a maricle from the Virgen because they had shown their faith to her.
After this maricle from The Virgin, the tradition started as giving thanks to her. Almost every Nicaraguan Catholic  home celebrates this date. How do we do it?  By singing and giving presents such as candies, cofites, nacatamales, limones dulces, well all kind of things , to those who come to our home singing with us.

The people are getting their present

It it is big parade bacause you can see a lot of people in the street singing in front of  every single house that has the imagine of La Inmaculada Conception de Maria outside.

performing songs about Marry

Also you can see some musicians going  around performing songs about Marry. When the people arrive to your house, they shout, ¿QUIEN CAUSA TANTA  ALEGRIA? and you have to answer LA CONCEPCION DE MARIA and the people start singing and after they finish singing you have to give them a present.
One day before the celebration (Dicember 6th)  people from all around Nicaragua come to visit La Vasilaca del Viejo in order to pray and to ask for personal favors from the  Virgin Marry. La Vasilica de El Viejo is the house of  the imagie of La Inmaculada Concepcion de Maria, also the Vasilica has the same name.

This is la vasilica  Inmaculada Concepsion De Maria en El Viejo  Chinandega.
The tradition continues when after the all singing and praying, the people sit around their table and eat Gallina Rellena, At what time this happen? it is almost middle night!

Gallina Rellena
Here in Nicaragua we have a lot of faith to virgin Marry because  of the favors that she has done for us. That’s what the  people say if you ask them.


Ernesto Somarriba

Graduation in a Land with few Opportunities, but Hope Survives

December 7, 2010

Chinandega, Nicaragua

By Ernesto Somarriba

These are part of the students who graduated from High School this year. Some of them are going to continue studying at the university, other will find a work and continue studying during the weekends,some others will only work, and in the worst of the cases, they will leave the country because they won’t find any oportunity here in Nicaragua.

Here in Nicaragua most of the people don’t have enough opportunity, but we still don’t give up the fight. In this picture you will see some teenager that just graduated from  high school. They have a lot of dreams, some of them will reach that dream, but most of them, they won’t.


Here is the best student of The San Luis Beltran School. He graduated from high school few days ago. He wanted to share with us some of his thoughts.
“Hello everyone, I’m a teenager that had born 17 years ago and I want to share with you some of my dreams
how will be my future in my life.My future in my life will be the whole goals that I want to reach, I know that I have to fight for them and it won’t be easy, because here we  have a lot of competition with very few opportunities, I know very well about that, but still I want to try.

In this moment my main goal is to pass the test to get into the university because I want to be some day a professional, I want to work some day and after that I want to support my mother because she deserve that, in this moment my mother doesn’t live with me, she had to leave the country because she wasn’t able to find a job here,she didn’t have money to feed myself and to pay my school, for this reason she left to Spain 5 years ago.
In this moment I live with my grandmother and my two brothers.
I want to study medicine at the UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL AUTOMONA DE NICARAGUA, that means that I have to study very hard.In this moment a feel happy because I had done my high school, but at the same time I feel sad because I have been in this school for five years I made a lot of friends and I realy had good time with them, now I know that all of them will take different way and maybe some of them I won’t see again, but at the same time I have to understand that this is life.

I had left part of my life in this school, but what can I say I’m growing and I have to start another part of my life.
I hope that I have left my name carved in some hearts and specially in my friends.
Now I have to remember the advices of my teachers, I now that it will help me  a lot for my next goal.
I want my dreams to come true, for this reason I feel ready.

Abdul Lainez





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