2016: A Year in Review

2016 has been a whirlwind of a year. These past twelve months have sped by, and it’s crazy to think that we have only a few days left until a brand new year is upon us! A lot has happened at Thanksgiving Coffee Company in 2016. Let’s take a look back at the year we’re leaving behind.

Year in Review

Roaster of the Year Win

The highlight of our year would have to be our win of Roast Magazine’s 2017 Macro Roaster of the Year. We worked hard to accomplish this goal, and are honored to be able to share it with our customers, whose loyalty and support got us where we are.

Roaster of the Year

The three coffees chosen during Roast Magazine’s blind tasting are available as a gift pack, complete with our article in Roast Magazine and a tasting card for your own experimentation.

Roaster of the Year winners

Best For the World

We were honored to be named as one of B Corporation’s Best for the World companies this year. This distinction recognizes our efforts at home and abroad to better the coffee industry and our communities. We scored in the top 10% of all B Corporations!

“These companies redefining business success are the enterprises we celebrate in our Best for the World coverage. The 1,800-plus businesses around the world that have undergone the B Impact Assessment and certified as B Corporations – as verified by the independent nonprofit B Lab* – are all leaders demonstrating the many ways businesses can be a force for good in the world. The B Impact Assessment gives companies a score based on how they perform on metrics for impact on their communities, the environment, workers and customers.” – bftw.bthechange.com

Best for the World

2016 Cause Coffee Partnerships

In 2016, we had the opportunity to launch TWO new Cause Coffee partnerships, and we’re enthusiastic about both of them. Learn more below:

Bee Bold Mendocino

The Bee Bold Mendocino partnership was the brain child of Thanksgiving Coffee Company’s co-founder, Paul Katzeff. In an effort to save the bees here in Mendocino County, we created a local action committee. On a global scale, we partnered with Friends of the Earth to create our Bee Bold Coffee.

Learn more at www.foe.org and www.beeboldmendocino.org

Baby Rhino Rescue

We are very happy to be partnering with Baby Rhino Rescue to support the orphaned rhinos of Africa. At the largest rhino orphan sanctuary in South Africa, Baby Rhino Rescue provides essential physical, nutritional, medical and emotional support to rehabilitate those baby rhinos fortunate enough to be found in time to save them.

Learn more at www.babyrhinorescue.org

New Coffees Released This Year

We released two new coffees this year, as a part of our Roastmaster’s Select Coffee Club. Every month, members of this club receive two 12oz bags of our latest coffee arrivals. They’re the first to receive all of our newest blends and single origins. These two coffees were our favorites of the new single origins released in 2016.

Panama Coffee

Lively and complex. Milk chocolate and caramel notes give way to a smooth, lasting finish.

Panama Coffee Beans

Kenya Peaberry Coffee

A unique mouthfeel with hints of milk chocolate, ripe peach, and caramel.

Kenyan Coffee Farmers

Thanksgiving Coffee in the Community

Here at Thanksgiving Coffee, we’re lucky enough to live in a community that cares about one another. Every individual has their place, and tries to give back with what they can.

Volunteer Hours worked

As a certified B Corp, we encourage and support participation in building community. From volunteering at the humane society to coaching the high school football team, our team of people here at Thanksgiving have given their heart and soul to our local community. Over 275 hours were volunteered during 2016!

Pounds of Coffee Donated

Another piece that comes along with being part of the community is the opportunity to give back what we make here at the roastery: coffee!! We make sure that local events and fundraisers are always well-stocked with Thanksgiving Coffee. During 2016, we had the opportunity to donate over $12,000 worth of coffee to community events and fundraisers. These dollars translate into substantial income for the non-profits involved, who sell our coffee by the cup.

Events Thanksgiving Coffee Attended

Roasters Guild Retreat

Back in August, we got the chance to send our Roastmaster Jacob Long to the Roasters Guild Retreat in Wisconsin. Jacob and his team won the team challenge at the event, and had the opportunity to work with many of the greats in the coffee roasting community.

Roasters Guild Retreat

Let’s Talk Coffee

Let’s Talk Coffee had to be one of our favorite events of the year – for good reason. During the red carpet event, Roast Magazine and Let’s Talk Coffee announced our win for the 2017 Macro Roaster of the Year! Jonah Katzeff accepted the award at the event in Puerto Vallarta.

Jonah Katzeff, Let's Talk Coffee

B Corporation Champions Retreat

Co-founders Paul and Joan Katzeff attended the annual Champions Retreat for the B Corporation in Philadelphia in 2016. This event was an excellent way to spend time with the brands and leaders that are shaping our world. The champions retreat brought leaders from every industry together for lectures, community events and stimulating conversation. We are so honored to be a part of such an inspiring group of innovators!

B Corporation Champions Retreat

Green Festival

At this year’s San Francisco Green Festival, we had the opportunity to serve thousands of lattes, americanos, cappuccinos, pour-overs and more, to the amazing folks of San Francisco. Being around brands and individuals that care about taking care of our planet was a truly wonderful experience. The conversations that we had with everyone who stopped by our booth were inspiring!

Green Festival Coffee

New Coffee Reviews in 2016

It’s always a highlight of our year to hear that people are loving our coffee – and that it’s scoring GREAT! Take a look at what the experts at CoffeeReview.com had to say about two of our favorite roasts…

Paul’s Blend: 92 PointsPaul's Blend Coffee Beans

“Richly and sweetly pungent. Concord grape, roasted cacao nib, cedar, hazelnut, lemon blossom in aroma and cup. Brisk, lightly juicy acidity; delicate, satiny mouthfeel. The crisp, nut-toned finish leads with Concord grape notes in the short and cedar in the long, with hazelnut throughout.”

Paul’s Blend also got a mention on the best value coffees of 2016 page!

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe: 93 Points

“Delicate, deeply sweet. Baker’s chocolate, magnolia, peach, black peppercorn, sandalwood in aroma and cup. Gentle, rounded acidity; velvety mouthfeel. The richly drying finish consolidates to baker’s chocolate and peach. An engaging coffee particularly appealing to those who value delicate, cocoa-toned coffees with gentle acidity and engaging spice notes. Reassuring environmental and socio-economic credentials.”

Now that 2016 is coming to a close, we look forward to what 2017 has to offer. What were your highlights from this past year? Share with us on social media.

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