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Meet Our Staff: Susan Coy

June 20th, 2014

Susan_front-cropIf you call or visit our office, chances are you’ll meet Susan, our delightful receptionist. She has been with the Company for 8 years now, but she still considers herself a new member of the Thanksgiving staff/family! I sat down with her for an interview to get to know her story, and I found that it’s a pretty familiar one around here: ditching a successful-but-stressful city life for the joys of rural living along the coast.

Before joining the staff at Thanksgiving, she worked in the Silicon Valley for 30 years, and at Fujitsu Microelectronics for 15 of them. She traveled to Japan several times on business trips where she would occasionally ‘time travel’ and arrive before she left. While she enjoyed her work, the super-tiny hotel rooms and time away from her family took its toll. Seeking to get away from the hustle of the high-tech city life, she found the rugged coast of Northern California, bought some land and built a vacation home. The shift from city life to a rural oasis might seem extreme to some, but like so many around here, Susan loves the wilderness; the ever-changing ocean, the deer who wonder by, the incredible fresh air. She was hooked, and the vacation home quickly became her only home.

She joined Thanksgiving Coffee in 2006 to handle our mail orders, but noticed that incoming phone calls were going to a machine. She didn’t like the idea of people calling and getting a recording, and so she became our Receptionist. I asked what her favorite part of working for Thanksgiving was, to which she quickly and enthusiastically responded: the customers! She LOVES talking with our customers, some of whom have been ordering coffee longer then she’s been on the staff. She spoke fondly of the ‘regulars’ who have become part of her extend family; catching up with them about everything that’s happened since their last order, and even lending her support to them in the hard times. “Customer care” does not begin to describe what she does around here. So the next time you need some coffee, give her a call- you might just become part of our family yourself!

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5 Comments on “Meet Our Staff: Susan Coy”

  1. suzanne says:

    It’s about time you profiled Susan. She says she loves customers and it shows. She goes beyond basic ordering and is so pleasant and helpful with passwords and shipping and coffee. It is a pleasure to meet her ‘in person’.

  2. Mary Fouts says:

    I am a Pleasant Hill, CA resident who has ordered your fabulous coffee for many years. Susan has been my “go to” at Thanksgiving Coffee Company since she started working there. She is one of the most kind, generous, helpful, and thoughtful people I have ever encountered. She even personally called me when you had your fire, to tell me my normal coffee shipments might be delayed, and continuously followed with me regarding the availability of my favorite coffees. Simply fabulous. Thanks, Susan!

  3. Susan rocks! Thanks for putting a smile on all my face every time I call in!

  4. Dan S says:

    Susan! It is so nice to meet you. I’ve talked with you, either by phone or by email so many times, you really have been the “face” of Thanksgiving Coffee for me, and you’ve been wonderful each and every time. You are one of the reasons Thanksgiving Coffee is one of the best places to buy coffee from on the web.

    Thanks again for all you’ve done, you are a true gem!

  5. Cynthia Carr says:

    When I call Thanksgiving Coffee and Susan answers, I immediately sense the “smile” in her voice. Honestly, she is the sun on a cloudy day, not to mention, efficient and helpful. I am a satisfied Thanksgiving customer who appreciates the company’s values.

    Best wishes to you, Susan! Thank you for all the help you’ve given and will continue to give to me and other folks. It is a pleasure speaking with you every time I call in my order.

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