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Delicious Peace coffee gets a beautiful new look

September 18th, 2009

When the 2008 harvest coffee arrived at our warehouse in July of this year we tasted the fruits of a four year partnership that was really working. The coffee was sweeter than ever before with a new found clarity and complexity that demonstrated the unique character of the beans. This beautiful new crop, coupled with the news that Peace Kawomera had signed a Memorandum of Understanding with USAID and leveraged a $250,000 grant for the construction of a central washing station, was proof that four years of hard work, trust, and transparency was paying off. The Coop is taking major strides forward. In honor of this progress we began giving the coffee line a bit of a makeover. First there were new brochures, with pictures and quotes from six farmers representing the different faiths. We want you to see not just one but many of the faces that are growing your delicious coffee. Narrowing the gap between grower and consumer is an important aspect of building a more just economy, it’s what makes the farmers’ market so wonderful and now we are applying it to the global market as well.

Over the last few years many of us have become very attached to the package label image of the little boy in front of a wall displaying etchings of the three symbols of interfaith cooperation that Peace Kawomera is best known for. This project has grown up with that little boy as the cooperative has grown from 250 to over 1,000 farmers. But now, in light of the progress we have seen, it’s time to introduce you to more faces in the community you support when you buy Mirembe Kawomera “Delicious Peace” Cofee. Each type of Mirembe Kawomera Coffee: light, dark, and decaf will now have a new unique label.

Mirembe Kawomera Light mirembe_light_for-facebook

This is a picture of Deena Shadrack. She is a leader in the Abayudaya (Jewish) community and has served on its board of directors. Deena is a strong advocate for womens’ rights, a coffee farmer, and a mother to many. She is pictured here holding a ripe jackfruit.

Mirembe Kawomera Dark mirembe_dark_for-facebook

The woman pictured here is Hadija Wankusi. She is a prominent singer in the Muslim community and a leader in the choir. The choir uses song to teach the community about issues such as health and fair trade. Hadija’s home is across the street from the Abayudaya synagogue on Nabogoye Hill. She’s been a long time friend to the Abayudaya and a bridge builder among the different faiths. Her daughter, Sanina, serves on the Peace Kawomera board of directors and represents the perspective of women and youth.

Mirembe Kawomera Decaf mirembe_decaf_for-facebook

The students pictured here attend the Nankusi Elementary School, the local public school. Most of these students are the children of farmers in the Peace Kawomera cooperative. Through a combination of the social premium, a payment that is built into the rules of Fair Trade, and the rebate system that we have set up directly with the Cooperative, Peace Kawomera paid for a renovation at this school that resulted in a new roof. The income received by farmers goes to pay for uniforms, books, and fees for the students.

We are thrilled to introduce you to more members of the Cooperative and anticipate that our labels will be revolving so that you will continue to see new faces of the beautiful people growing your Delicious Peace.

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2 Comments on “Delicious Peace coffee gets a beautiful new look”

  1. I love the images–they reflect strength, joy, PEACE!!

  2. carrie says:

    Great to know about. never knew of jewish tribe in Uganda before. I will be happy to be from my lanzman

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