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The Nicaraguan food scene : our foods and how we eat.

November 8th, 2010

Ernesto Somarriba,

November 7, 2010


This is the central market here in Chinandega every morning a lot of people come to sale their product and some other to buy, the salersĀ  start arriving to the market very early morning in order to be prepared until the customs come, it is good idea if you want to buy something from the market, to wake up very early morning because you are able to select the better products for you family also if you do this you can getĀ  the product in a cheaper prices. it is very interesting to see the saler arriving from their small farms with products as corn,vegetables,oranges, beans, rice, etc, they are always hope to have a very good days, they expect to sale the whole products that they offer and after that to go back home with some money and continuing supprting their famlily, most of them come from a very large famlily, well of couse, this is the tradition here in Nicaragua to have a huge family.

This market was built 58 years ago, at the beginnig it was yet only a large field. the people use to come to sale and buy, but it was really hard for the people, because the market didn’t give good conditions to the saler and buyer, because they did’t have roof, no water, and also every thing was in totally desorder, the meat section was beside the clothing section or the sea food section was mixed with the shoes section, etc. so that mean that it was an unhealthy place to buy, but in 1977 it changed, the municipal mayor decided to built the market with roof and walls and intruduced the water and the light services.
After the market was built they ordered every section and then market was becoming a good place to buy with health conditions. If you come her to buy, now is better because the qualities have impruved.

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