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Grind: Start with a medium-fine grind (#5.5), somewhere between the texture of granulated sugar and couscous.

  1. Place paper in black filter cap and lock onto brew chamber, place over cup.

  2. Bring water to boil and pour a small amount of water (approximately 4 ounces) through the filter-lined and capped brew chamber to rinse the paper filter and warm the server below.

  3. Let the water drop to 200 degrees, about 2 minutes off boil. Empty the water that was used to rinse the filter and warm the server.

  4. Fill brew chamber to just below the “1” mark with coffee.

  5. Pour approximately 2 ounces of water onto the ground coffee in the brew chamber. Start timer.

  6. Wait 30 seconds for the bloom to settle.

  7. Slowly fill with water to just above the “4” mark, stir gently, and wait one minute.

  8. Place plunger and slowly plunge brew into cup.

  9. Serve and enjoy.