Melita / Traditional Cone Filters

Melita image

Grind: Start with a medium-coarse grind (#7.5), slightly finer than the texture of kosher salt. The particle size should be flaky, with visible chunks.

  1. Measure 2 grams for every ounce of water or 2 generously heaping tablespoons of ground for every 5 ounces of water.

  2. Place paper filter in cone over cup.

  3. Bring water to boil and pour a small amount of water (approximately 4 ounces) through the filter-lined cone to rinse the paper filter and warm the cup below.

  4. Let the water drop to 200 degrees, about 2 minutes off boil. Empty water used to pre-heat cup.

  5. Place ground coffee in the rinsed and filter-lined cone and pour a small amount of water (approximately 4 ounces) over the grounds to saturate and create a bloom. Wait 45 seconds.

  6. As the bloom settles, continue the pour slowly, stopping the pour as necessary so that the water never reaches above the original bloom volume. Pour slowly and in a circular motion, with the goal of dispensing the total water used to brew in 3-4 mintues.

  7. Serve your fresh brewed coffee and enjoy.

Experiment with a finer grind for a more intense brew, or a coarser grind for a less intense brew.