Perfecting Your Brew

perfecting your brew for light roasts

When brewing lightly roasted coffees, experiment with a grind and water temperature that produces a rich brew with a clean, sweet finish. If your brew is weak, increase the amount of coffee first, and then experiment with a finer grind. If your brew is bitter, or dry in the finish, try a coarser grind first, and then experiment with brewing using a smaller dose.

perfecting your brew for dark roasts

When brewing dark roasts, a coarser grind and heavier dose and slightly cooler water will produce a smoother, heavier flavor. Because many of the sugars have been carmelized to the point of carbonization, there is actually less soluble sugar in a darkly roasted coffee. To create a sweet brew it’s essential that you use enough coffee rather than overextracting flavor from insufficient coffee to achieve the desired intensity. By using a heaver dose, cooler water, and experimenting with a coarser grind, you can achieve an intensely sweet dark roast brew.