Home Plate San Francisco has Moved

Just a mile away from San Francisco’s crookedest street is a classic old-school diner on Lombard that has graced the city of San Francisco for over thirty years. Home Plate in San Francisco has long been the breakfast choice of Bay Area locals, and they have now grown into a new location.

Home Plate in San Francisco

Thankfully, they haven’t moved far. This homage to the baseball years of old has shifted their location to a block west on Lombard Street, into a larger space. With the added area, they’re almost doubling their sitting area, and will be able to accommodate many more visitors for breakfast and lunch.

Coffee at Home Plate San Francisco

Thanksgiving Coffee has been Home Plate’s coffee provider since the very beginning, and they’re one of our favorite accounts to visit in the city. The coffee at Home Plate also received an upgrade during the move; a new brewer was just installed, and we had took some time to train their new in-house barista on espresso drinks, as well.

The Bay Area continues to offer some of the best food in the country, and we are so happy to provide coffee for the leading breakfast spots.

Home Plate San Francisco is open now in their new location:

2150 Lombard St
San Francisco, CA 94123

Photos from Home Plate

People have been enjoying breakfast at Home Plate in San Francisco for over three decades, but these photos are from some more recent excursions at this hot spot on Instagram:

California Dream Eater at Cafe Beaujolais

We don’t need to convince any Mendocino local that Cafe Beaujolais has magnificent food, but now fans of the travel agency Visit California are being alerted to the excellent cuisine available in this North Coast establishment.

Cafe Beaujolais in Mendocino

Chef Julian Lopez of Cafe Beaujolais was recently featured on Visit California’s enticing food segment: California Dream Eater. See if you can get through all 142 seconds of this video without drooling (or calling for a reservation). They featured a dry aged duck breast with local foraged tree collards and poached sunchoke for dinner, with a dessert of candy cap mushroom banana cake, and cinnamon creme-fresh ice cream.

Huge congratulations goes out to our friends at Cafe Beaujolais for this great feature on the Visit California website! The team at Beaujolais has been serving Thanksgiving Coffee since the Lopez family took over last year, and they can whip up a spectacular cappuccino to be enjoyed at the end of your meal.

Visit Cafe Beaujolais in Mendocino

Visit Cafe Beaujolais at the address below, or call ahead for your reservation! Learn more at www.cafebeaujolais.com.

961 Ukiah Street
Mendocino, CA 95460

Thanksgiving Coffee Company
2017 Roaster of the Year
Not Just a Cup, But A Just Cup

Chow Oakland is Open!

The Chow restaurants are a staple of the Bay Area, and have been for the past two decades. Since 1997, they’ve been serving up quality food for locals and tourists alike. Thanksgiving Coffee Company is proud to have been a part of this tradition for the past fourteen years, supplying freshly roasted coffee to every new location that has opened its doors, from Golden Gate Park all the way to Danville.

Chow Oakland and Thanksgiving Coffee

This week, we are excited to welcome another Chow location into the fold. The newest version of the Chow Food Bar is a market and cafe that has been in the works for well over four years. Oakland is the lucky recipient of a brand new Chow Cafe, Bakery & Market!

This new location on Piedmont Ave will be expanding on what Lafayette has offered for several years, building out a market section that is sure to become the go-to for Oakland area shoppers.

New Chow Oakland Location

The opening of Chow Oakland follows on the heels of the closing of Park Chow, a beloved location for many years. While we’re sad to see this parkside eatery disappear, it’s making way for growth in Oakland, which we love to see.

Chow Oakland just opened their doors this week. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to try this spectacular new establishment, and be sure to send them our thanks for serving Thanksgiving Coffee! Sarah Han of BerkeleySide.com got some great shots on opening day, be sure to check them out!

Chow Oakland Location

3770 Piedmont Ave
Oakland, CA 94611

Learn more: chowfoodbar.com

Other Chow Food Bar Locations

We love seeing and sharing all the photos you post on Instagram from the Chow locations across the Bay Area! Check out a few of our favorites:

Cristaudo’s Cafe Wins Golden Beet Award!

The Golden Beet Awards are local to the state of Illinois, but are a significant part of the local food movement. People all over the world are paying more attention to shopping local, and this movement is being commended in the form of awards by the Illinois Stewardship Alliance.

Golden Beet Awards

This year, the 2018 Gold Beet Award winners include Cristaudo’s Cafe & Bakery, a foundational piece of the Southern Illinois food scene. Cristaudo’s has been a part of the Carbondale scene since 1977, and for the past forty years they’ve served excellent meals, baked goods and coffee.

Cristaudo’s has served Thanksgiving Coffee in their cafe since 2014, and we are honored to work with an organization that has such a strong commitment to supporting community, and to environmental sustainability. Carbondale area non-profits use Cristaudo’s as their go-to caterer, because of this same dedication to the community (as well as spectacular food!).

Carbondale Coffee

Rachel Cristaudo said this in her interview with the Illinois Stewardship Alliance:

“There are so many reasons why buying local is important to us. Among those are strengthening the local economy, utilizing the best ingredients, caring for the environment and building community.”

Cristaudo’s took home the Golden Beet Award in the category ‘Restaurants & Institutions.’ There are five total categories for this award: Innovative Farmer, Restaurants and Institutions, Farm to School, Community Food Projects, and Scaling Up.

Visit Cristaudo’s in Carbondale, and thank them for their generous support of the Southern Illinois community!

Cristaudo’s Cafe & Bakery

209 S Illinois Avenue
Carbondale, IL 62901

Photos from Cristaudo’s in Carbondale

The photos that Cristaudo’s shares on their social media are our favorite! Take a look at some highlights, or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Klekolo World Coffee is the Best in Connecticut

That’s right, folks. Since 1994, Klekolo World Coffee has been serving up excellent espresso, with spectacular customer service. This year, Klekolo won the title Best Coffee House in Connecticut, from Connecticut Magazine. This comment from the magazine says it all:

“There is something very Middletown about Klekolo World Coffee. Italian-speaking construction workers drinking espresso, punk or emo or metal music on the stereo, and an endless parade of interesting characters. Klekolo speaks to the essence of this offbeat, not-quite-college town. Tons of varieties of coffee. Live music. Constant eavesdropping and people-watching opportunities.”

Klekolo World Coffee

If you ever find yourself in Middletown, don’t miss out on a chance to stop in and order a cup of coffee! Klekolo has been serving Thanksgiving Coffee since the day they opened, and we love having the opportunity to work with Yvette and her awesome team of baristas. Check out some of these photos from recent visitors to Klekolo – the Best Coffee House in Connecticut!


Get a great cup of coffee at the address below:

Klekolo World Coffee
181 Court St
Middletown, CT 06457

(860) 343-9444

Monday • 6:30AM–10PM
Tuesday • 6:30AM–10PM
Wednesday • 6:30AM–10PM
Thursday • 6:30AM–10PM
Friday • 6:30AM–12AM
Saturday • 6:30AM–12AM
Sunday • 7AM–7PM


Check out our other cafes, restaurants and grocery stores on our Thanksgiving Coffee Store Locator page!

World Fairtrade Day

This weekend marks the largest celebration of Fairtrade ever! May 12-14, we invite you to join us in celebrating the certification that protects the producers: World Fairtrade Day.

World Fairtrade Weekend

Fairtrade Cafe Giveaways

For World Fairtrade Day, we’re excited to feature a few of our California cafes that serve Fairtrade certified Thanksgiving Coffee. We invite you to visit these cafes this weekend, and enter to win a prize pack of Thanksgiving Coffee and Fairtrade goodies at every one!

Cafe Presto • Arcata
Mara’s Coffee House
• Fort Bragg
Goodlife Café • Mendocino
STEEP • Hopland
Cotati Coffee Company • Cotati
The CBC Cafe • Petaluma
Caffe Etc • Los Angeles

View Thanksgiving Coffee Cafes in a full screen map

Fairtrade Coffee On Sale Online

Not close enough to one of these cafes? No worries! We’ve got some amazing Fairtrade certified coffee available online… and there’s a perk if you order over the Fairtrade weekend. Snag 20% off a selection of our Fairtrade coffees this weekend only, and gift a bag or two to your friends!

*Discount will be available Friday, May 12 through Sunday, May 14.


What is Fairtrade?

Now let’s dig a little deeper… what does Fairtrade mean? We thought we’d let our buddies over at Fairtrade America explain that for us!

The Fairtrade system offers an alternative to conventional trade. By guaranteeing a minimum price and a premium payment, which producers invest into their businesses and communities, Fairtrade gives people in developing countries the opportunity to improve their lives and plan for their future.

These guys have been the driving force behind fair wages and fair treatment of producers at origins for over two decades, and we are proud to be one of their certified companies.

Participate in World Fairtrade Day

How else can you participate in World Fairtrade Day? Commit to buying only Fairtrade products this weekend, or at least take the time to dig into the origin of the goods you’re purchasing. Check in with your local coffee shop, your local farms and grocery stores. Instead of grabbing a bar of Hershey’s, snag some Divine instead! Instead of getting the generic bananas, find the ones with the Fairtrade stamp.

Learn more about World Fairtrade Day, and see what events are happening in your neighborhood! Check out their microsite at www.fairtradechallenge.org.


Share with us how you’re celebrating World Fairtrade Day on your social media channel of choice!

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This Friday through Sunday, take 20% off five of our Fairtrade coffees at the link below! This sale ends at 11:59pm PST on Sunday night, so don’t wait to snag your bag of Fairtrade Thanksgiving Coffee this weekend!

*Discount will be available Friday, May 12 through Sunday, May 14.
*This discount cannot be combined with any other offers.


Seismic Joint at the Exploratorium

San Francisco’s Exploratorium is one of the great gems of the bay area. The exhibits inside Pier 15 will keep you and your family enthralled for hours on end. But before walking through those doors, it’s always a good idea to get caffeinated.

And we have just the place.

Seismic Joint Cafe

In the same building as the Exploratorium is the Seismic Joint Cafe at Pier 15. This little coffee shop is the perfect pit stop before (or after, or during!) your visit to the Exploratorium. Grab a cup of the I Love Curiosity Blend, roasted by Thanksgiving Coffee! This coffee was grown in Nicaragua and Rwanda, and roasted along California’s North Coast.

Seismic Joint at the Exploratorium

The Exploratorium

The Exploratorium isn’t just a museum; it’s an ongoing exploration of science, art and human perception. Learn more about them in this quote from their website:

Located in San Francisco, California, the Exploratorium is a public learning laboratory exploring the world through science, art, and human perception. Our mission is to create inquiry-based experiences that transform learning worldwide. The vision is a world where people think for themselves and can confidently ask questions, question answers, and understand the world around them. We value lifelong learning and teaching, curiosity and inquiry, our community, iteration and evidence, integrity and authenticity, sustainability, and inclusion and respect.

The Exploratorium creates tools and experiences that help you to become an active explorer: hundreds of explore-for-yourself exhibits, a website with over 50,000 pages of content, film screenings, evening art and science events for adults, plus much more. We also create professional development programs for educators, and are at the forefront of changing the way science is taught. We share our exhibits and expertise with museums worldwide.

Enjoy your trip to the Exploratorium, and don’t miss out on a cup of Thanksgiving Coffee, right there on Pier 15!

Not just a cup, but a just cup.

A lunch at Stone and Embers


This restaurant, located on the western edge of the Anderson Valley on Highway 128, about 25 miles from the Pacific Coast, serves the finest pizza west of the Mississippi River. I come from the Bronx where “Italian” means “old world”, authentic and spare. Dough, tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese, combined to make a savory blend, greater than the sum of its parts. I dropped in with Joan a couple of Sunday’s ago on a wine tasting trip, something we rarely do, being surrounded by great wineries, you seem to take them for granted.

Lunch was pizza and a draft, a North Coast Pale Ale from Fort Bragg’s North Coast Brewery. We sat at the bar, on high stools and watched the preparation of our pizza. The stone oven registered 900 degrees. Black Valley oak embers glowed in the oven. Sweet basil tickled my nose. The dough was spread, tossed just a bit and laid out on a wood panel board, covered with a right amount of tomato sauce, blobs of fresh buffalo mozzarella and slid into the oven. About four minutes later it was in front of us, bubbled up crust with carbony tipped edges just made me think of those days back in the Bronx in the 50s when the only pizza you could get was called a “pie” or a “beitz” and it came whole, not by the slice. It was “old country” just like the one we finished off at Stone & Ember.

A perfect Ten!

 – Paul Katzeff
Co-Founder & CEO


Find out more about Stone and Embers online at:


Customer Stories: Bovine Bakery

by Marchelo Bresciani, Marketing Coordinator


Point Reyes Station location


Petaluma location

On a cold morning, few things go together better then a hot cup of coffee and a fresh pastry. It’s the kind of simple pleasure that can get your whole day going in the right direction. We take for granted the ease with which we can acquire this simple pleasure nowadays, but about 27 years ago it was a joy that downtown Point Reyes was without. So when Bridget Devlin asked herself the “What could this town use?”, the answer was clear: a bakery!

It began as a “what if” at first. Bridget was tickled by the idea of making a living doing something she enjoyed, so she began to investigate what it would take. Each step along the way led to the next. She enlisted the help of her friend Kelly (of Kelly’s French Pastries), secured a starter loan, and before long she was in business.

Bridget soon discovered that when you open a bakery, everyone has a suggestion for which coffee you should serve. Overwhelmed with feedback, she decided to host a blind taste test. She invited about 10 people over, set out numbered cups with samples from the coffee contenders, and the response was unanimous. One coffee stood out from the rest, and she has served it ever since- Thanksgiving Coffee.

Not long after the tasting, Bridget met with our staff to create a custom blend for her to serve. The Bovine Bakery Blend is a rich, smooth, full-bodied coffee that is remarkably well balanced; and they brew it good and strong. Pair one of her fresh pastries with this fine cup of coffee, and it’s no wonder the bakery has become quite the local hangout.

BovineBakery-03About four years ago, Bridget opened a second bakery in Petaluma to keep up with the growing demand. Run by her stepdaughter, Carolyn Williams, the Petaluma bakery has been well received by the community. Last year they added an espresso maker to satisfy those cappuccino cravings, and the reviews have been stellar. Whichever location you choose, you’ll to find that simple pleasure of delicious pastries and quality coffee.

More info at: www.thebovinebakery.com

Customer Stories: Comal

by Jonah Katzeff, Bay Area Account Manager

Comal located at 2020 Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley, CA. is a wonderful restaurant housed in a single story building that features a stunning secluded rear patio with a full bar, covered dining area and an open air beer garden with a fire pit. Executive Chef Matt Gandin’s dishes are inspired by cuisine from throughout Mexico, but with special emphasis on Oaxaca and neighboring coastal regions. The cocktail menu includes house-made sangritas, paired with a curated collection of spirits, and a diverse section of local beer and wine on tap.

Comal has received great praise from a variety of press since its inception. The acclaimed food critic Michael Bauer selected Comal as one of the Bay Area’s top 100 restaurants in 2014. Additionally, bar manager Matthew Perry has received high compliments for his innovative cocktails.

The owners are Andrew Hoffman and John Paluska. Andrew became familiar with Thanksgiving Coffee during his years working for the Chow Restaurant group, which has purchased our coffee since 1997. He is a big supporter of Thanksgiving because of our commitment to sustainability and delicious coffee. We at Thanksgiving greatly appreciate his loyalty and are looking forward to working together for many years!

More info at: comalberkeley.com • 510.926.6300

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