Earth Day 2017

Brew yourself a pot of coffee, because we have a lot to talk about.

Earth Day at Thanksgiving Coffee

This Saturday is Earth Day – a reminder that each and every one of us depends on the earth for our survival. We are united by the simple fact that this beautiful earth is ours, and it’s up to us to take care of it.

In the article below, you’ll learn about how we here at Thanksgiving Coffee participate in Earth Day… every day.

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      People of Earth Day

Shade Grown Coffee

You can call it shade grown, organic or bird-friendly. The thing to remember is that it’s necessary.

Coffee is the second-highest traded commodity in the world, and that has a huge impact at origin. With every sip of your morning cappuccino or your afternoon decaf, you are participating in the world coffee trade. The coffee industry is moving in the right direction, as long as every coffee drinker makes the right choice with their cup of coffee. That choice? Shade grown.

(If you’re buying organic coffee, you’re already a step ahead, since certified organic coffee beans are always grown in the shade.)

Now the question is… why is shade grown coffee important?

When a farm is clear-cut of its tropical canopy to grow coffee in the sun, the environment heats up. The natural fertilizers, biodiversity, and home of so many animals is harshly stripped away. Shade grown coffee grows at a slower pace, and allows for the coffee trees’ natural surroundings to be cared for. This difference has an especially large impact on Neotropical migratory birds, as they rely on this canopy during their winter near the Equator. This knowledge is what brought us to introduce our line of Song Bird Coffee. Certified Bird-Friendly by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center and benefiting the American Birding Association, these coffees all feature a different migratory bird that lives on coffee farms during their cold months.

This Earth Day, make a commitment to purchase only shade grown coffee. Ask your local cafes and coffee shops if the coffee they serve is Shade Grown, Organic, or Certified Bird Friendly. Next time you order a latte or brew up your favorite roast, consider the process it went through to end up in your mug.


Caring for Creatures

One important thing to remember about our planet on Earth Day is that we are not the only inhabitants. Our world is made up of all kinds of creatures, and we play a part in how these animals are treated.

How does that involve Thanksgiving Coffee Company? Let us show you.

After our partnership with the American Birding Association took off, we realized that we had a role to play: helping provide for the wild creatures that roam our planet. It began with the birds, but turned into so much more. We partnered with the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International in 2004, then the Defenders of Wildlife next. Last year came Friends of the Earth and the Baby Rhino Rescue collaborations.

We partner with organizations that are already doing so much good for this planet, to support their efforts and help them continue their cause. We wanted to find a way that we could use our business as a force for good, and this is one way we participate.  Join us this Earth Day: provide for the wildlife that roams our planet.

Click the buttons below to learn more about these cause coffees!



People of Earth

This is a little bit of a diversion from your typical Earth Day post, but it’s an important conversation to have: because frankly, people are a big part of this earth. In taking care of the planet, we must also take care of the people that live on it. At Thanksgiving Coffee, we look at this issue through the lens of our Fairtrade and B Corp certifications.

Earth Day

Fairtrade Certification

Fairtrade is a global system that supports small-scale farmers and workers. This certification helps consumers understand more about the products they’re purchasing. Are the people behind your products getting paid a living wage? Where is the money for each piece of chocolate, cup of coffee or bag of flour going? Fairtrade bridges the gap between consumer and producer, ensuring that everyone involved in the trade is compensated correctly and treated fairly.

B Corp Certification

Much like Fairtrade, the idea behind buying from B Corporations is knowing that your money is doing good. B Corps meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. These brands use business as a force for good, and change the world through their companies. B Corps are always giving back and always leading the charge to a more just world.

If you want your purchase to stand for more, look for these logos as you shop. Click either one to learn more about how Thanksgiving Coffee has partnered with B Corporations and Fairtrade:


When it comes to Earth Day, there’s a lot to talk about. This world is a big place, and every little thing we do can have an affect on the world as a whole.

The best thing to do? Be a conscious consumer. Be the person that asks where your food came from. Take a little extra time to read the labeling on your groceries. Use the dollars that you spend every day to affect change in some small corner of the world.

Want to do more? Tell their stories. Research the coffee farm behind your favorite cafe, and have a cup with one your friends. Find out some more information about the nonprofit you’ve been donating to, and ask your local news agencies to consider featuring it. Find out more about the people that hand-picked your tea leaves, and share that story on Facebook.

Share your Earth Day plans on Facebook and Instagram, and tag Thanksgiving Coffee! We want to hear how you celebrate our planet.

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