Delicious Peace


Mbale, Uganda

Christian, Muslim and Jewish coffee farmers realized that in order for coffee to lift them out of poverty they needed to collaborate. They overrode their differences and aggregated their coffee crops to reach an exportable volume. The Naminyoni Community Of Shalom originally called themselves Mirembe Kawomera which translates to “Delicious Peace.” Thanksgiving Coffee Company assisted the interfaith cooperative in building a warehouse, washing station, offices, and procuring land.

Thanksgiving Coffee Company is pledging $1.00 from each pound of “Delicious Peace” coffee sold to go towards financing a home water purification project in Uganda. They teamed up with Ugandan NGO Spouts (spouts.org) which produces locally made clay pot, home-filtering systems. The goal is to furnish EVERY cooperative farm member household with a pure water system by this time next year. One at a time, with your support, we will use coffee to bring greater health to the farmers who produce the wonderful coffee we drink.

Farmer Facts

  • Co-op: Naminyoni
  • Region: Mt. Elgon, Mbale
  • Altitude: 1,400 – 1,800 meters
  • Processing: Wet / Washed
  • Varietal: Typica

Small-Scale Farming & Processing

Grown high on the slopes of Mt. Elgon, a dormant volcano in eastern Uganda, this coffee is produced in small batches by family farmers of the Gumatindo Cooperative.

Rich volcanic soils, shade canopy, and artisan production methods combine to produce an exceptional coffee bean with distinctive flavor and character. The antique Arabica varieties cultivated by the farmers of the Gumatindo Cooperative were planted nearly a century ago, after being transported from nearby Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee.

The farmers of Delicious Peace Coffee prepare their coffee in small-batches carefully picked throughout the three-month harvest season. Ripe coffee cherries are handpicked, the red skin is removed using cooperatively owned hand-cranked pulping machines, and the sugar-rich pulp is allowed to ferment on the beans overnight. Then the beans are carefully washed, and sun-dried on elevated racks, a two-week process from start to finish. Once the coffee is dried, it is transported to the Cooperative’s warehouse where it is stored and prepared for export.

Fair Trade

Economically, coffee is the backbone of the Ugandan economy, accounting for over 90% of the country’s revenues from international trade. In terms of export earnings, Uganda is the most coffee-dependent country in the world. The vast majority of Uganda’s coffee is produced by small-scale family farmers numbering at least 500,000 in a country slightly smaller than the state of Oregon. Historically, these farmers saw only small profits on their coffee due to low international prices, inefficient government marketing boards, and exploitative market intermediaries. Delicious Peace Coffee is the first Fair Trade Certified™ Ugandan coffee to reach the U.S. market.

Together, the farmers have succeeded in doing something that none could have done alone. As they face the many challenges of life in rural Uganda, they look to their cooperative for hope and strength. In the coming years, the Cooperative plans to invest in land and equipment, offer microfinance to members and contribute to a variety of public health and education projects.

Farmer Photos

Aaron Shuchkman, 3 years old, with his father JJ Keki and adopted brother Ambrose, in their front yard. Photo: Ben Corey-Moran, 2006

One of Peace Kawomera’s 200 women members. Photo: Ben Corey-Moran, 2006

Somaili Bissaso, one of the Peace Kawomera Cooperative’s most prominent members, hosts a visit from fellow farmers. Photo: Ben Corey-Moran, 2006


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