We are all different when it comes to how we taste all things, including coffee. Our flavor receptors are individualized in terms of sensitivity. Some people lack the gene to taste cinnamon, others have 25-50% more taste buds, others have restricted nasal passages and still others may have burned their tongue long ago and lost some sensation. So in approaching coffee, know thyself is important although elusive, but knowing where you experience various flavor sensations can help a lot. So here are some clues:

The sensation is localized and is a feeling rather than a flavor.
Sweetness is experienced forward on the palate, on the tip of your tongue.
Acidity or brightness (liveliness) is felt on the lower sides of your tongue.

A complex coffee with intense flavors will provide multiple sensations as the coffee moves from front to sides and then the top of your tongue.

The Rule: the lighter the roast color, the more forward on your palate. As the color darkens, its flavor recedes in increments toward the back of your mouth.

Yes, this is simple stuff. You don’t need more than this to naturally progress and evolve on your own.