A Vienna Roast is also know in some quarters as a Full City roast. It is considered a dark roast, but on the lighter side. Bean color is still more brown than black, but in fact, dark brown is a better description, more like the color of bakers chocolate. Hints of red/orange colors brighten the dark brown bean. Fresh Vienna Roast coffees have a shiny coat of coffee oils on their surface.

A good Vienna Roast hints of carbonization but is neither smoky or tasty. For the roaster, it is the most difficult roast color to get right.

Hint: if Vienna Roast color beans have no shine or oil patina on their surface, or if the oil lacks shine, the beans are most probably older than three weeks and are probably stale. Move on to a Vienna Roast that shines!

How Vienna Roast are made: any fine coffee bean can be roasted to a Vienna Roast so there are single origin Vienna Roasts and there are Vienna Roasts made up of coffees from various origins – what you need to know is that once a bean gets to the Vienna Roast color 80% of its flavor is related to roast color; not its terroir or country of origin.