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We drank a LOT of coffee this year. American adults drink an average of 382 million cups of coffee every day – multiply that by the 365 days of 2016, and we have a pretty caffeinated nation. As for the year 2016, there were a couple coffees that you (our customers) especially enjoyed this past year… let’s take a look at the top five!

Top Selling (Favorite!) Coffees of 2016

SongBird French Roast

Full-bodied, smoky, and intense.

Below: A shade-grown coffee farm in Guatemala, where some of the coffee beans from this blend were grown.


Noyo Harbor French

Distinctly smoky with hints of jammy fruit, roasted nuts, and baker’s chocolate.

Below: The Noyo Harbor in the 80’s, with the original Thanksgiving Coffee roasting facility!


Delicious Peace, Uganda – Dark Roast

Fudgy chocolate notes, toasty hints of caramelized pecan, and a lightly smokey, brown sugar sweetness in the finish.

Below: A coffee farmer picking berries in Uganda, at the Mirembe Kawomera co-op.


Grey Whale Blend

Just a touch of vanilla, added to a blend of two brilliant medium roasts.

Below: The Grey Whale coffee package label


Mendocino Vienna

A bold, sweet blend with hints of nuts, chocolate, and caramel.

Below: A shot of downtown Mendocino, featuring the old masonic temple.


Selecting Your Coffee

We can’t help but notice that FOUR of the top five coffees on our website this year are dark roasts. Do you know how you should be selecting your coffee roast? We have a handy page on our website that teaches you a little bit more about the flavor profiles you’re drawn to…



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