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Bold Local Action for Pollinator Survival

This is an opportunity to give your support for stewardship of the land with your daily cup of coffee. The Bee Bold Campaign offers a steady funding source for your local Bee Centric Organization (Bee Bold Partners) to work for the survival of the pollinators for generations to come.

The Goal:

Our goal is to support native bees and pollinators with the restoration and preservation of habitats to sustain a resilient ecosystem.

Bee Bold Coffee offers 20% for Bees

Your purchase of Bee Bold Coffee online will send rebates to our National Bee Bold Partners

The Bee Bold Alliance

Support the restoration and preservation of native plants, native bees, and pollinators, along with providing sustainable healthy food.

Find your local Bee Centric Organization and send rebates to local bee survival organization with your morning coffee.

Use the coupon code at check out and a 20% rebate will be sent to your selected partner


Bee Bold Mendocino – Helping Our Bees
Native • Wild • Managed
Mendocino County, CA – Coupon Code: BEEFORTBRAGGCA


Preservation Beekeeping Council
Sharing the Wisdom of the Hive – Coupon Code: BEECAMASWA

Encourage your local Bee Centric Organization to join our Alliance.

Here is a list of Bee Cities to work from-


Buy Bee Bold Coffee

Drink Coffee

Your daily cup of coffee sends rebates to your local bee organization in support of their work.

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Join Our Bee Bold Alliance

Join our regenerative ecology network for pollinator survival.

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Learn about the inspiring work of the Bee Bold Alliance.

Why Buy Bee Bold Coffee?

Organic Source

The coffee comes from Fair Trade Organic Cooperative farming communities who respectfully tend the Earth and care for the water.

Rebates to Bee Survival

20% of the online purchase price goes to support the Bee Centric organization of your choice.

Strong Foundation

Thanksgiving Coffee has over 40 years of work in environmental sustainability to back this project.

“More than we can imagine depends on our ability to turn the crisis into an opportunity for change”

– Gunther Hauk

Bee Bold Coffee and Beyond

We create this network of solutions and we can change the world.

Pollinators are the indicator species. We are in the 6th big extinction period, but there are ways to adapt.

As energetic beings on a huge magnetic Earth, it is important to train our energetic intelligence and develop creative solutions for the current problems we face.

Together we can create a new story of how Earth was brought back to health.

Bee Bold Program Director: Lavender Grace ~ Sustainable Ecology Advocate

Interested in joining the Bee Bold Alliance?

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OFFICE: (707) 964-0118

MAIL ORDER: (800) 648-6491

Wholesale: (800) 462-1999


PO BOX 1918
Fort Bragg, CA 95437